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Posted on February 13 2017

Welcome to "FEE SAYS"!  A little snippet from time to time of my personal life ... fashion musings ... A little window into our team "goings-on" here at Shineon.

Today we welcomed a new brand on board: Vigorella.


I've always had a love affair with this brand. I remember the days when i used to vintage shop piece-by-piece for Trade Me. It was incredibly fun for me.  Especially when i found a piece that i knew would fetch me a great price in those early fun days online. Vigorella was a brand i stumbled across ... and i loved instantly.

You know a quality cut and fabric when you see it.  At Shineon we are about fun and colourful clothes ... always.  Always fun.  You might have noticed by now.. we are not one to follow trends. We just LOVE fashion.

Vigorella is like the sensible friend that everybody knows needs to be at the party.

Fibres, patterns, colours, shapes and styles - the many layers of Vigorella come together as one. Layers that fit, feel more comfortable and suit your body. Made to last they are gorgeous stylish pieces. Perfect for the winter that will be upon us soon.  So watch and get excited little Shineon'ers.  Vigorella will start appearing on SHINEON from next week onwards.  With a pre-order going up on some of the best pants i have ever seen in the next two days!  eeeeek!!  I'm excited.


Love to you all.  Thanks for following.  This is the most mental and exciting time at Shineon ever.  We are so excited about what this year is going to bring for you and your wardrobe.

Fee XX



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