Lyndsey Erasmus

Hi everyone,
I am so excited to be a reviewer fo Shineon, I am a 35 almost 36 yr old mother to two children, they are 5 and 7, my 7 year old daughter has inherited my absolute love of fashion. I am a size 10 but 7 months ago I was a big 12 almost 14 and didnt feel the best so I took control of my life and have crazily lost 6 kgs and I gym 4x a week, hell how do i fit that in..... I’m a size 38 in shoes and I’m 164cms .I have my own buisness running a very busy Hair salon in the Silverdale Village, North of Auckland. I dont know how I manage to juggle life, but I manage to wing it most of the time. Being in the industry that I am I have to be dressed the part, I am an absolute glamour girl I love dressing up and making an idiot of myself at the best of times, I mean who does a flossie and put up the video in a group of such inspirational woman all 35k of you. I used to wear alot of black but boy has that changed since being apart of this group, I wear colour everyday now and I feel awesome. I love Fee's vision and what she has created, so thank you for being my inspiration. xx

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