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At Shine On we believe that fashion is for everyone and every woman is beautiful and should feel attractive and confident. While that confidence comes from within, without doubt clothes play a big role in how you feel and how you project yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what suits you, and what type of clothing you should invest in. At Shine On our trained stylists have a process to discover not just what colours and designs look best, but they also discover who you are and what statements you would like to make – whether that be at work, out and about or just kicking around at home.

Meet Jess

Jess Linnell has always had a passion for style and fashion. Starting a part time role in Shine On’s retail store was a dream come true for Jess and many customers have given feedback on her absolute attention and devotion to them when in store. When Shine On decided to open a styling room, her excitement at being involved was palpable, and she immediately completed a course with fashion consultant Angela Stone to cement her natural ability and she continues to learn through various styling courses. Jess loves helping people uncover their true style. She believes that clothes are an expression of your personality and that even shy people can make a bold statement through what they wear. She adores helping people uncover their true style, and there is no better feeling for Jess than seeing a customer leave the store with a new sense of not just what they should wear, but who they are. To experience some of Jess’ styling magic make your booking below. She would love to see you soon.