Stay warm while breastfeeding in our Two Tone Merino Breastfeeding Hoodie!

This two tone merino breastfeeding hoodie top is the perfect solution for breastfeeding in cooler weather. The best thing is it doesn’t look like a breastfeeding top it just looks like a normal hoodie!

Made in warm lightweight merino wool, this breastfeeding hoodie top style has an discreet opening under the centre panel that allows you to breastfeed your baby easily and comfortably. The soft fabric of this breastfeeding top will not be harsh against your baby’s skin and it allows you to move around unrestricted.

You could wear it for exercise or going out for a coffee.  It is also a long style so there is room to cover a pregnancy bump.

Fit Guide: This style is our looser fit style hoodie and the fabric has lots of stretch. There is plenty of room for a baby bump. Some customers go down a size if they want a closer fit.



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