Team Summary

The Shine On family is an amazing group of ladies (and a few gents) who work both in our two stores at Mt Roskill and the Hibiscus Coast, and also our main office and online warehouse in Whangaparaoa just north of Auckland City.

Our organization is divided into several teams 

CUSTOMER SERVICE - a team of 4 ladies headed by Annabel

INWARDS GOODS - a team of 3 gents headed by Vijish

DISPATCH - about 12 - 15 full and part time staff headed by Richa

The "HUB"  team, so named because it's at the centre of everything that is coming and going. Everyone in it does a bit of Purchasing, Admin, Marketing, Posting, Modeling or just whatever needs doing - it consists of about 8 ladies headed by Fee - which includes a sub team of content producers headed by Grace. 

HIBISCUS SHOP is about 10 ladies headed by Debs

MT ROSKILL SHOP is about 12 ladies headed by Amber

DIRECTORS are Fee, Gene and Cliff 

The pages that follow in this section will introduce you to some of our team, with a little bit about themselves and why they enjoy working at Shine On

We hope you check a few of them out

Fee, Gene and Cliff