BOHO Australia is a bohemian and lifestyle label which is all about effortless, quality, and fashionable clothing. BOHO Australia began its story in Sydney, Surry Hills, 8 years ago and has been a staple of Australian and New Zealand Boutique fashion since then. We have grown to encompass over 1300 boutiques nationwide, providing both Australia and New Zealand ladies with quality and affordable clothing. With this in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to not only providing quality womenswear fashion to all our customers, but also ensuring our label is ethical to our customers and ourselves. We pride ourselves in having an amazing relationship with our factory in China which is a small family run business. Quality is important to us at BOHO Australia and we pay extra to have all our fabrications prewashed to avoid any future shrinkages. We also work to ensure the people behind the scenes and who we collaborate with are looked after in a safe, reliable, and secure place of employment. You can see some of our overseas colleagues at work in the images below. Our team in China is dedicated to promoting a safe and clean working environment for our factory so that our colleagues are content, healthy, and confident in what they do. They are all paid a living standard wage, with time off for rest, relaxation, and spending time with family. We are very grateful for all the support our factory gives us, and the level of dedication and commitment they show to providing everyone a fair living wage and above all a safe environment to work. Our brand has an office on site within the factory itself to ensure we get reliable ‘on the ground’ feedback about working conditions, quality control and direct communication between Sydney and China. This means any production issues are dealt with in a timely manner and we can make good on our promise to providing an ethical, trustworthy place to work. We love what we do here at BOHO Australia, and we committed to keep our label ethical, affordable, and fashionable for our supportive customers.