As a brand, we take every aspect of our design and manufacturing process very seriously!

From the design, sourcing, and production processes we look at everything being affected by it, from the environment, to our factories and the communities where it’s produced, to the end consumer!


We work with two family owned Fair Trade Certified small factories in Guangzhou, China. Both manufacturers pride themselves on looking after their staff, facilities and working conditions. Their employee standards are of the highest level with all their workers staying a long time with higher salaries than most factories. They are also located near the city centre where most live!

We visit our factories often and are always so impressed with the well managed operations and care they show towards their employees. The owners of the companies are the most hospitable people and take so much pride in their craft and are always improving their technology with extremely strict quality control.

Dyes, hazardous chemicals and finishes from the manufacturing process are not dangerous to the workers and the environment right through to the end product. They are low impact dyes which follow strict standards.

The time we spend at our factories is about much more than just business. It's about building friendships and sharing design ideas. We work very closely and have built our brand together! We share our journey and work as a team!

Love Cat X