Dusky Robin leather is a small business that is passionate about sustainability. From our island home we use over 30 years of experience in leather design and making to design our bags, wallets and clutches, which are made globally by our craftspeople.When choosing suppliers we take into account environmental and socio-economic impacts.We work with small scale family businesses to produce our leather products, this enables us to have close relationships with quality craftspeople who share our vision.
Sustainability means to us:
1. We design products that last.
2. We use materials that have a reduced environmental impact. Most of our leather is vegetable tanned.  This ensure you get a quality bag with less environmental impact.
2. We never haggle on price with our suppliers. 
3. We regularly visit our suppliers to observe and ensure conditions and pay are fair.
As we are growing we are constantly review our sustainability journey and also looking at ways to give back. For example our 2019 donation to the Tasmanian Orange bellied parrot habitat projects in Tasmania.