We're asked all the time about the materials we use, where they're from and if it's all above board. Here's the lowdown so you can rest easy....

We're super conscious that our leathers must be ethically sourced and as sustainable as possible in the way they're processed.

We use only premium cowhide leathers, which are a by-product of the food industry and sourced only from countries with strict ethical production standards. All our furs and prints are hides, not rare or endangered animals. As it should be.

Our leathers are natural... which is why the grain and colour of every piece is unique and unrepeatable. It's soft but strong, develops in character as it ages and unlike synthetic materials, it lasts.

You should know, there’s leather, and then... there's leather. We use predominantly premium Italian and Brazilian leathers, and although they cost more, the hand feel and the way they wear, is far superior.

Our tannery’s develop our leather just for us, some are washed, some waxed, some embossed and others shrunken.

Our manufacturers are family run and some of the best in the business. We personally visit them every year to ensure safe, fair work conditions and strict environmental controls go hand in hand with their well established leather craftmanship.

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. Before being shipped out to our awesome customers, every piece has a final quality check by the team in our Sydney warehouse.