Anita Wilkie

Hi Shiners!
I am so honoured to have been selected to review ShineOn items, for you! I am a 34-year-old Mum of two and an ex-Aucklander, who now lives in the Wairarapa. I am a full time Mum but also run my own small social media business, from home. I’ve been purchasing almost exclusively (my friends can attest!) from ShineOn for about five years and over that time have realised that my “style” would be street/casual for the most part - but I do love to change things up with some bright colours/prints now and then. My most coveted brands would be Home-Lee and Silent Theory but I love trying new things and matching them back with my relaxed style. I am quite self-conscious of my ‘mum-tum’ and really hunt out clothing that is going to flatter/hide it, whilst still looking on trend and being comfortable! I’m really excited to show you more of the beautiful pieces that the ShineOn buying team has chosen for you all!

You can find my posts by searching on VIP Group for Anita Wilkie