Catherine Howie

From Auckland

My name is Catherine, I’m a 38 year old born and bred Aucklander. It is with great pleasure that I am joining the reviewers team here at Shine On. I’ve been a keen shopper at Shine On for the last few years and am quite a fan! I have been in the Education sector for the last 20 years mainly working in and around early childhood. My job has taken me from wearing casual yet professional outfits at Kindergartens to professional attire when presenting lectures to adult students and mingling with other professionals in meetings and workshops. I am the proud mum to two young men aged 12 and 13 who have been exposed to my love of fashion all their lives...I’m hoping they’ve picked up a bit of ‘style’ along the way! I love the way fashion can really speak about who we are and we can decorate our bodies to represent ourselves. I like to experiment with new styles and colours, I’m amazed at what can just ‘work’. I love to be comfy but have a strong eye for ‘matching’ and styles that look good and are aesthetically pleasing. I also have a shoe obsession...and I like it! I love to help where I can, so please ask away!

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