Hi Lovely Shiners

I'm Elise and I work in the customer services team here at Shine On. I have 2 kiddies, a fashionista 10 year old daughter and a cheeky 4 year old son.

Yes, working at Shine On has definitely helped my wardrobe. This was not always the case as I had ended up in a rut not only in body but in mind too. I found that it was just easier to buy clothes for the kids than for me so that's where my clothing budget went. Clothing styles that fitted my body shape before kids definately didnt work for me after kids and I just didn't know where to start... But with a little help from my Shine On team they have pushed me to try new things that I never would have gone near and alas they were winners! I now feel that I have found my inner Elise style😉

I love smart-casual, animal print , sneakers, wedges, hi-lo tops and did I mention animal print ......