The Kindred Co is a lifestyle company encompassing
3 brands: eb&ive, Isle of Mine and HAVEN.
The founder Nicky Morgan has travelled to all the countries
producing their garments, homewares and accessories
and has seen and experienced all daily work practices
and environments for herself over the past 13 years in this
Nicky has spoken to owners and staff to ensure the work
environment is safe and clean.
In China laws have changed considerably in favour of the
workers and the standard of the work environments is now
monitored. This has had a flow-on effect with the closure of
many factories due to poor work conditions.
We have partnered with the same China factory exclusively for
10 years now, which is the factory you will see in these images
and where we produce 90% of our apparel.
The owners of this factory is a husband and wife team just
like Geoff and myself, and also a small business. Not a large
factory that mass produces.
We believe keeping our footprint small and working with
smaller factories means we have more control of how our
products are produced.
Our factory’s attention to detail is next level. They trim every
thread by hand. Every fabric roll is checked for faults. Every
garment hand steamed, pressed and packed perfectly.

The love of what they do is clear throughout the process.
We pay more per garment than from other factories but are
happy to know the people who work with us are looked
after and this definitely filters down the line with better pay,
less working hours, a clean environment and overall staff
happiness! We feel good about that!
In Indonesia the factories we use are small family-run
businesses, who then support and sustain an entire extended
family and community network.
India is much the same – there are large factories Nicky has
travelled to which have been audited to ensure their work and
wage environments are fair.
In some instances these large scale operations outsource
work to the villages where many worker’s work from their own
We are confident with our supply chain and feel we are
contributing an income, support and sustainability to the
people and factories we work with.

Nicky Morgan
Founder + Creative Director