Hi everyone,  I'm Debs the store manager of Hibiscus,
I have been with Shine On since 2017 and I have absolutely loved every minute. My story begins with my love of retail from the age of 9 when my mum used to manage a little haberdashery store in the Hawkes Bay. I used to watch my Mum bring joy to others with her desire to help them find whatever they needed. The look on their faces when they left  inspired my journey to learn the true meaning of customer service - to bring a smile to people's faces by just being helpful, honest and kind !!!
I also love the fact that when it was time for my Mum to make us our new outfits, we were able to go into the fabric store and not only would they know my Mum by name, they also knew exactly what fabric had just arrived and what she would absolutely love. To me that was like magic to combine a personal knowledge of your customer with a deep knowledge of your products!!! So when it came time for me to join the workforce, I knew I wanted to work in retail to be able to help women just like my Mum. I have been extremely blessed to be able to work for a company that lets me do just that !!! We're not a massive retail chain where nobody remembers my name unless I'm wearing a badge, and I'm not employee no 43542 on the payroll. That's right - I am Debs and I am here to help you!! See you on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast soon. XX     PS I'm on the left

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