Hi I’m Hayley Bunker and  the assistant manager at the Hibiscus Coast Store. I come from 15 yrs working in the hair, beauty and fashion industry and I’ve been at Shine On since October last year. I’m 5ft 1, 40 yrs old and a size 8 but I haven’t always been this size. 2 1/2 years ago I was 25 kgs heavier and a size 14 / 16. I was in an unhappy relationship and comfort ate / drank ...When I finally left, I instantly dropped 10 kgs from stress and felt really good so continued on the path of getting fit, strong and healthy for me. The reason I’m telling you this, is not to say I’ve done it and you can too - BUT to say I’ve been a different size and know how you are feeling if you are carrying more weight than you’d like to be.

I love fashion, I follow YouTube channels, Pinterest boards basically everything to keep up to date with what’s trending. Plus I’ve got a few little tricks & tips that can totally transform a look with either an accessory or a different layering technique.

When styling you at Shine On I’ll get you into things out of your comfort zone, but I’ll always be honest with you. I want you to feel amazing and confident in your purchase leaving the store. Looking forward to meeting you at the Hibiscus Store! X Hayley