Hi everyone
My name is Cliff and I work closely with Fee and Gene as a director of Shine On. I've always had a keen interest in building businesses and the main other business that I have been involved in over the years is centred around those annoying claw machines that we all love to play to win a soft toy on - and yes you can win on them! Kiwikrane and Koalakrane Franchises established by myself and my colleagues can be found throughout NZ and Australia. Believe it or not, and well before the days of Shine On, Fee used to work at Kiwikrane too! 
I live with my wife Maddie in central Auckland - nowadays you'll often find me working at the back of the Mt Roskill store, where there is a great cafe next door.
Fee and Gene had been running Shine On for 8 or 9 years when I got involved in late 2015. I started helping with accounts, and I could see Shine On had something special. I really loved the business, the loyal customers and where it could go, and so I left my other business interests in good hands to focus on Shine On. I believe to be successful in business it's important that you have a team of people with complementary skills - and that's definitely one of the keys to our success. Over the last few years we have been really excited to see the massive growth of Shine On - from basement to shop, to bigger warehouse, to 2 shops to even bigger warehouse. There's always something exciting on the horizon. My main role now is to look after the finances and general strategic direction of Shine On, and all the one-off tasks that need to happen with a business. 
One of the things I most love about Shine On is that we have a culture of acknowledging excellence in each other - and if one of us sees our colleague doing something outstanding, we'll often award them with a chocolate fish and a public shout out in our internal communication. We have some awesome staff and they all give 110%, whether or not there's a chocolate fish at stake. Taking time to recognize and thank each other for their dedication and contribution to the business is so important to us. 
In this photo here I must have done something good - either that or the guardians of the fish (the customer service team) took pity on me and gave me one, as they know I have a weakness for sugar in the late afternoon. 
Thanks for taking the time to find out more about the Shine On team and please check out some of our other team members