Hi everyone ♥️

I’m Dani Paewai, and  I am a mama to three handsome boys and a beautiful little girl. I work full time at the amazing Mt Roskill store, and I have been a part of the incredible Shine On team since September 2019. Prior to this I was a Shine On reviewer, and dairy farming with my hubby. I was also a hairdresser/nail tech before I had my babies.

For years I had really struggled with my self esteem and confidence due to a very toxic relationship and more recently I struggled with my weight. I had been constantly up and down after having my children. After leaving that relationship it took many years to rebuild myself again and I am very lucky to have the most amazing, patient and supportive husband ever!! Not only did my hubby help me hugely on my healing journey but so did Shine On.

It all started when I was given the opportunity to be a Shine On reviewer. This was a huge deal to me because it was totally out of my comfort zone!! I just saw my confidence start to grow as I watched all of the amazing women in the VIP community cheering each other on and building each other up. It was something I had never seen before! It just goes to show that little things that we do to help other women can impact them positively in ways we could never imagine!

Fast forward a few years and now here I am, working in the most amazing store with a dream team where I now get to pay that forward and cheer you on ♥️

 I know what it is like to have low self esteem, and I know how tiring it is being a mama and how sometimes it’s so easy to lose our personal style. I want to help you rediscover that, because simple changes can make a huge difference to how you look and feel!

At Shine On we believe that all women should feel attractive and confident. I have learnt many things working at this incredible place and the most important thing I have learnt is that the clothes you wear should always make you feel comfortable and confident. Understanding your body type and highlighting your best feature is the fastest way to start you on a journey of confidence. And ladies don’t EVER be afraid to flaunt the body part that you love.  Hold your head high and own it! 

The thing is, people will always have opinions about your clothes, your makeup, your hair, but your own opinion is the only one that should ever matter. 

So there you have it, a little about me. Remember you are brave and beautiful, and you are so much more than your weight or size.

Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon at Mt Roskill


X Dani