How it Works

Here at Shine On, not only do we love helping women look and feel good, we ultimately want to do good! We have a massive amount of love, kindness and compassion to share.

We strongly believe in bringing our Shine On community together to support our wider community by contributing to, or meeting a charity or individual's specific needs. We achieve this by raising funds through our sales and as well as encouraging individual donations.

Giving back allows Shine On and our Shine On members to be part of something bigger for the goodness of humanity.

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone" (Ronald Reagan)

Our Current Charity

We are in the process of organising our next fundraising campaign, so keep an eye out...

All donations in the interim will be collected for our Giving Back account to be gifted accordingly.

Thank you for continuing to support our Giving Back philosophy.

Together - it's who we are, it's what we do!


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Last month we raised over $20,000 for Shine


Last month we raised over $20,000 for Shine

Our Cause

Shine On is supporting SHINE, a service that supports people experiencing domestic abuse

Shine runs a vital service in our community supporting people experiencing domestic abuse.

They offer multiple services including their incredible national helpline that serves all New Zealanders, advocates who support victims with information, safety and exit plans, and supporting children in their homes and at school.

** 1 in 3 women will experience domestic abuse in the life time

** Every 39 days a child is killed by domestic abuse

** Police are called out every 4 MINUTES to a domestic abuse incident

These statistics are extremely alarming and domestic abuse does not discriminate against race, religion, sex, age, or socio-economic status.