There are minimum expectations and guidelines that Shine On has of it’s suppliers factories. We are in the process of conveying these expectations to all of our suppliers and asking them to sign a code of conduct. Our suppliers of course often exceed these expectations and are also keen to share pictures and stories about the factories that they use and some of the initiatives they are taking in ethics and sustainability. As this information is made available to us we will continue to update you with information on their brands. Keep checking back. 

  1. Employment  law in the country of manufacture must be adhered to fully which obviously precludes forced labour, child labour, bonded labour etc. All employees must employed of their own free will. 
  2. Factories should provide a clean and safe working environment with Health and Safety standards that adhere to local law and would be in line with what we would expect in NZ eg Fire Safety
  3. Factories should provide their workers with clean toilets, clean drinking water facilities for food storage and preparation to meet their basic needs
  4. The workplace must be free of bullying and abuse, with employees free to leave at the end of their shift, when ill, when bereaved - or when leave notice is given according to local law. Proper documented procedures should be in place for disciplinary or performance based management. 
  5. Remuneration for workers must meet as a minimum any applicable local laws, including if the workers are paid by piece. 
  6. Workers must be provided with written information about their employment
  7. Workers must be paid at regular agreed intervals and provided with a payslip detailing how their payment is calculated 
  8. Working hours must comply with local laws and overtime must be voluntary and not excessive
  9. Workers should be provided with at least one day off in every 7, or 2 in a consecutive 14 day period
  10. Factories are expected to comply with national regulations around environmental impact and should be encouraged to go beyond if possible and supply you with any information on any initiatives undertaken. 
  11. All chemicals should be used safely and responsibly ensuring all local laws and regulations are adhered to.  
  12. Factories should comply with all local laws and regulations relating to the use of water and wastewater