Tammy Walker

Hi there beautiful shiney Queens!!

I don't now how to express my excitement and gratitude enough on being chosen to be a reviewer for you gals other than the hugest of thank you's
Honestly if you had seen me 2 years ago I was an activewear duckling.... And now I've turned into a Shineon swan
I've always loved fashion and in the past have been in clothing retail, but lost my mojo with a change of jobs. I'm now in hospitality, which is a job I love but not so fashion orientated. You either had a uniform to wear or clothes that you don't want to wreck..... But do you know what... Life's too short to be stuck in the same ole same ole clothes everyday

Thank you Fee and her beautiful shineon elves for saving me Anyway I'm 47 and live in Rotorua with my partner Mark, our daughter Madison (10) and I have my son Joshua (22) who is on a gap year from uni, working hard this year to save that cash

I'm so looking forward to sharing more Shineon fabulousness with y'all
Shine Bright Beautiful Queens

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