Shiner's Say

  • Shine Bright, Little Stars!

    Posted on May 24 2018

    Shine Bright, Little Stars!

    The latest new releases from our kids range are soooo epic, we know you’re going to love them!!!
    With brands like Eve’s Sister, Radicool, Hello Stranger, Band of Boys and Minti, the little ones in your life will love our car
    efully chosen selection, available now for Autumn/Winter ‘18.

  • Help Us, Help Others!

    Posted on May 24 2018

    Help Us, Help Others!
    Shiners will likely have seen us promoting our special monthly collection fundraisers on our website, Facebook and Insta pages. We’re so proud of you, ladies - in the last eight months, we’ve raised over $65,000 for women and families in need.
  • H-APP-iness Is Our New App!

    Posted on May 24 2018

    H-APP-iness Is Our New App!
    Did you know we now have a super handy Shine On app? Now you can shop with us from anywhere, at any time!
  • Tone Up For Winter

    Posted on May 19 2018

    While we’re always big fans of classic black, white and grey, we’ve also started to appreciate having some fun with colour in our wardrobes. We think fashion is meant to be fun. If you’re game, colour can be a great way to brighten and update your wardrobe and try something different.
  • Fashion Is For EVERYONE

    Posted on April 19 2018

    Here at Shine On, it’s really important to us that we cater for all shapes and sizes. T...