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Shine On Style - Autumn and Winter 2018 :-)

We love our basics but if you’re wanting to buy some pieces to update your fashion wardrobe this NZ Autumn/Winter, we’ve listed some of our top trends below… with one emerging trend we’ve spotted that will shock you!

Here at ShineOn HQ, we LOVE fashion and we’re always keeping an eye on what’s coming through for the next season.

Fashion to us is definitely about what’s trending but we also try to make sure we’ve got something to suit everyone – from our tweens to our cool Nana’s who rock their ShineOn style with pride!!

So while we look at trends, we take our lead from you, and choose the things we think will flatter our customers most. We take what we believe will work with our customer’s wardrobes with what they’ve already purchased from us.

It’s a fun process and we think each year we’re getting better at picking items we know our ladies will love.

This Autumn/Winter, we’re making a statement with colours, patterns and details.

We love our basics too but if you’re wanting to buy some pieces to update your look, we’ve listed some of our top trends below… with one emerging trend we’ve spotted that will shock you!


Statement Accessories

The bigger and bolder, the better!

Statement pieces like earrings, bags, necklaces and bracelets will easily update your look for the season if you’re more of a fashion minimalist (or on a budget). Right now on our Accessories page we have over 200 jewellery styles to choose from, so jump on and see what we’ve got!



Soft and feminine, flirty and fun, ruffles make any outfit and we’re excited to start releasing some of our new pieces soon! Tops, jackets, scarves and dresses add the perfect amount of ruffle detail for our ladies. We LOVE this denim jacket in the middle here, and it’s available right now (sizes 10 – 18 available).


Long Cardigans

Soooo happy to tell you long cardigans are here to stay, what an awesome wardrobe staple that covers, flatters and skims. From plain to striped, chunky to fine-knit, we’ve literally got you covered with beautiful long lines and layers we know our ladies will be very happy to see!



Yup, the 80’s and 90’s are back with a vengeance and our pieces featuring fringe trims and details are a safe way to introduce this trend (without unintentionally looking like a contestant in Dancing With The Stars). We love this detail on denim jeans especially!


Bright Colours

We love hearing our ladies feel good and shine bright in our clothes. Bright, confident with a little bit of sass - you’ll love our beautiful colours to brighten up your days – plus you’ll be easy to spot in a crowd LOL! If you are feeling really bold, put them together with other bright colours or mix them up with a shoe or accessory colour that compliments.


Clashing Prints

A little more fashion-forward, this look is definitely one we’ve seen a lot of when we’ve been looking at what to bring you this season. We’ve picked out some gorgeous stripes, animal prints and patterns and we’re excited to hear what you think ladies!



Can you believe it?!! Our 80’s and 90’s ladies will remember these from primary school days! And now our millennial girls will get to experience them too LOL!

We don’t actually have any scrunchies coming in – but we can definitely source them for you if we get enough requests! Is anyone down for a scrunchie this season?

Leave us a comment or let us know what you think in our Facebook VIP group!

xxx Love the Team @ Shine On